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Learning styles Essay

Visual learners use lectures, colors, quietness, and images to learn. I am a visual learner and I prefer quietness when working on an assignment because it helps me focus better on what I am doing. I cannot concentrate with a lot of noise around me. If it is noisy around me it takes me a while to understand what I am doing. I don’t mind working with others but I prefer to work alone so that I do not get disturbed. When I am at a lecture or listening to a lecture I take plenty of notes because once the lecture is over and we have an assignment I have to go back to my notes in order to process what we went over in the lecture.

I have always been a visual learner since age 7. My notes are always very detailed. After I take my notes I have to color coordinate them by the most important to the least important because when I take notes they be like a paragraph, very wordy. My mom told me when I got older she had to color coordinate my work for me when she helped me so that I could get a better understanding of what I was doing. I especially love using maps. Maps help me to understand the information better.

It also shows an overview of the topic that we are discussing. It also helps me to picture the information in my head. Since I am a visual learner this is the best out of all three of the choices above. My religion plays a part in this because with God all things are possible. I just keep God first and everything else falls into place. I know the test that I took last week said that I was a visual learner but with God I can be whatever learner I want to be.

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