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Learning Preferences Essay

Describe your strongest dimension on the personality spectrum. My strongest dimension on the personality spectrum was kinesthetic. I think that the results of this test best describes the way that I learn best. Kinesthetic learning style refers to a way of acquiring knowledge in which the learner uses sense of movement to gain information about the world. This learning style is sometimes referred to as kinesthetic-tactile. Kinesthetic learners tend to loose interests in activities that rely purely on listening and viewing. Kinesthetic learners work best in activities that incorporate physical activity. I think that I learn best by using my hands, because when I can do hands on activities I pick up very well. When I can learn things by doing them I also tend to retain the skill easier.

Describe how each practice activity reinforced or contradicted something about yourself. The results of practice one really reinforced my learning preference. The results were visual 30 auditory 28 kinesthetic 34 and tactile 28. The results indicate that I learn best using the kinesthetic learning preference. This practice also indicated that I learn well using the visual learning preference. In practice three I learned I prefer to use the more abstract approach and make connections to what is being taught using hypothetical situations rather than real world situations. Also I would prefer to have a more random style of teaching than the linear style. The linear style of teaching most likely too much of one set learning preferences and is not a variety of different styles mixed together.

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