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Learning Portfolio Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Learning Portfolio

During the semester, I have had to develop a unique study structure that was going to maximize the efficiency with which I utilized my study time. Before starting the course, I read the study handbook so that I could get a rough idea of what the course entailed and the nature of information I would be required to familiarize myself with. This enabled me to identify other relevant sources of information besides the books suggested in the recommended reading list. In the process of reading these materials, I took brief notes of the ideas and points that appeared noteworthy. Being in a non-English speaking country, obtaining relevant books and other resource materials was somehow challenging. I learned to utilize the…

Integration Discussions to Include in Learning Portfolio

The term communication was derived from the Latin ‘communis’ meaning “to share” that is, sharing of concepts and ideas, feelings and emotion. In a literal sense however, communication means to inform to tell, to show, or to spread information (Singh, Amrik, Yadav, & Seema 2003, p. 1). Communication is vital to any organization as it constitute the life of the entire organization while culture is the essence of an organization. When the management becomes concern on results and outcomes rather than on the techniques and processes, the management becomes concern only on employees’ productivity but not with their welfare. Business organization should be people oriented and its written communication or its policies must be clearly and rightly enforce and should…