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Learning Patterns Essay

Pattern Combination
Identify the type of learner you are in the box
Dynamic Learner

Record your LCI scores in the boxes provided.
Record the Level of Use in the boxes provided
Use First
Use as Needed
Use as Needed
Use as Needed

B. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Sequence
Sequence pattern is the pattern that I use first. I like to have clear step by step directions. One thing that I love about this course is that there is a link for each assignment that shows you the grading rubric. With this grading rubric I am able to know exactly what my expectations are to receive a passing grade. Many times especially at work I am able to do my job and have time to clean as I go. I am a very neat and organized person.

C. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Precision
Precision learning pattern I will use on an as needed basis. I tend to take lots of detailed notes. I am also a list maker and always ask questions to help me better understand a subject. If I don’t understand a subject then I research extensively about it.

D. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Technical Reasoning Technical reasoning learning pattern I will use as an as needed basis. Technical reasoning is my least used learning pattern. I am not a very mechanical. There was a time when my low oil light came on in my car. I lifted up the hood and became very overwhelmed. I eventually had my uncle show me how it was done. Although I do enjoy learning from experience and taking my knowledge and occasionally I’m able to problem solve from that.

E. How I Use First, Use as Needed, or Avoid Confluence
Confluence learning pattern I will use as an as needed basis. I enjoy exploring new things. Once I am taught a certain task I make my own changes on how to do it. I’m able to personalize it and for me it is easier. But overall I’m able to get the same ending results.

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