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Learning objectives of the student Essay

By the end of the grant period, the learners should be able to: • Internalize the basic definitions of concepts which will be met during the study. • Use the various methods of measuring techniques to find measurements of simple lengths. • Use the measurement tools effectively in class and outside the classroom. • Demonstrate on the board on the use of the various tools in measuring. • Apply the knowledge learned in class in real life situation i. e.

giving the students a challenging life application question and finding out if they can get the answers correctly. Method of Instruction: Teacher may adopt the instruction led method to disseminate information to the learners by use of segments of information and presenting the idea systematically. Teacher can adopt use of the demonstration method where the learner follows in detail how a particular procedure or technique is being followed. The lecture method is also a common instructional method which can be used by the teacher.

This involves the teacher gives monologue information without getting responses from the learners. The teacher can use the coaching instruction for the learner. This refers to a detailed step in which the learner is taken through so that he can grasp the concept. The students can also be left on their own to practice what has been learned in class, thus the practice method is another instructional method to be used in the classroom. Reference: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Retrieved o

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