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Leaf Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Investigatory Project

INTRODUCTION Objectives: To minimize the escalation of the insect in our place. To promote a natural way of minimizing the escalation of insects. To use natural insect repellant instead of chemical insect repellants like aerosols. To be able to substitute chemical insect repellants which threat human health from natural insect repellants. To be able to determine the effect of the Cacao leaves extract on insects like mosquitos. To be able of producing an effective insect repellent out of Cacao leaves. To be able to make use of natural resources found in our country to solve common problems caused by insects like malaria and dengue. To identify adverse reaction of the decoction during the course of treatment.…

Mangrove Analysis Report

Introduction Coastal mud flats throughout the tropics carry a vegetation of mangrove swamp, which is particularly luxuriant in the wet tropics, such as Cairns itself. These evergreen trees and shrubs share similar habitat preferences, and a similar appearance to the untrained eye. This report will explain my findings in this biological topic, and describe the adaptations the mangroves have developed in order to survive the harsh location of estuaries and wetlands; the typical layout of mangrove communities through an original transect; representative specimen samples and descriptions; and also the typical state of the water and thus the environment through regular water samples. Adaptations The estuaries, salt marshes, swamps and wetlands mangroves live in represent hostile environments to mainland vegetation and…