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Leadership Styles Case Study Essay

1. What type of leadership is practiced at NCF, transactional or transformational? How do you know? The type of leadership that is practiced at NCF is transactional. Their values are honesty and honoring of commitments and reciprocity. The director stresses to all the employees that dual relationships are a conflict of interest prohibited by the organization. Employees motivated by safety, security, and belonging and this is motivated by the leader rewarding the staff by having an employee lounge built so the employees don’t have to eat off campus. Problem solving is found in the leader, the director encourages staff to report any non- sanctioned interaction between social workers and clients. This can be grounds for employee termination. Distribution of power “Power-over” the director uses rewards conceived and legitimate bases, by using the lounge as a “power over” reward. The influence is a unidirectional this memo is from director to employees.

2. What type of leadership is practiced at SSS, transactional or transformational? How do you know? The type of leadership that is practiced at SSS is transformational. The director uses power with rather than power over. He does not use rewards conceived or legitimate bases instead he uses expert, referent and inspirational bases. This is a multidimensional influence because the director simply asks his staff and employees for their participation and input in overcoming this obstacle. Their values are liberty, justice, equality, peace, and humanitarianism because the director, staff, and employees have a goal in common, they are depending on each other, their prosperity will rise and fall together, and they share the results of overcoming this obstacle together.

3. Which style of leadership would you recommend for a human service organization? Explain your answer. The style of leadership I would recommend for human service organizations is transformational. This type of leadership involves the organization as a whole. Everyone in the organization works together in order to achieve the common goals and all share the achievement. In my opinion it is best to include the employees in running the organization. By doing this it will not only make them feel a part of the organization it will also make the hard work worth more to them. It makes the employees feel better about the work place if they feel that their opinions count.

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