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Layoff Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Human resouce management

1. To confirm that the supervisor’s claims are true, who will you contact? What questions will you ask? What precautions should you take to assure that your investigation is confidential and legally defensible? To confirm that the supervisor’s claims are true, I would contact data processing to look at the sales data. I would want a record of Jeanette’s sales, and also the department sales for comparison. I would also request this from the supervisor. I would instruct both the DP department and the Sales Manager to keep my request confidential. However, it would be reasonable to confirm data so there is nothing wrong with checking data. 2. Review the documentation available related to this case. Is there enough documentation…

InterClean-Enviro Tech Merger Paper

InterClean-Enviro Tech Merger Paper With the impending merger between InterClean and EnviroTech, it has become very important that both companies realize the most important issue that will make their merging successful; and that is understanding that customers are becoming more concerned about the rigorous environmental safety requirements that have started to plague the industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. Health care clients are being put on notice as to the new regulations that are rising about the maintenance of how sterile they are able to keep their environment. This merger will not only provide customers with the usual offering of products that can only cut through the grime and kill most of the germs that are present in these clients environments,…