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Lawyer Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Breach of Contract and Remedies

For the injured party within a breached contract to claim for remedies whether it was agreed on at the time of writing the contract or an decided at a later time, both the injured party and the other party (e.g. a business and a customer) will have to go to court to decide what kind of remedy will occur to the injured party fairly to the proportion to the damaged done. Courts There would be cases where without the courts present when there has been a breach of contract, injured party may claim more than the total damaged done or may receive insufficient amount compared to the damaged occurred. To avoid this, the case will be given in court to…

Eddie Mabo is not only a hero of the film Mabo?

In the film , the director Rachel Perkin demonstrate us that Eddie Mabo is a hero . He commit himself fully to fight tirelessly for aboriginal rights of land. In the process , Eddie Mabo get much support by his wife, his lawyers, his friends. These people sacrifice something and bear pressure for supporting Eddie Mabo. So these people also are heroes. Meanwhile , Australia government also is anti-hero, the government admit the mistake and reconcile with aboriginals and apology. Nera . Eddie Mabo’s wife. As a wife she bring up their family with Eddie often absent, ans in the early days has to work at night in a prawn-packing factory to help when she heavily pregnant with their fourth…