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Law Abiding Citizen Analysis Essay

The film has no opening title sequence. The first images we see are two production logos which then lead to the first scene. The zoom lens introduces us to what the main character was doing. Establishing shot shows the innocence in the main characters life as the colour white (the bead) represents purity. Soundtrack- to the tune of “hey Mr tambourine man” by bob Dylan, a father and his child are having a nice bonding evening as she strings beads and he repairs a tech machine. An instant intruder enters their apartment and chaos ensures.

The music in a way links to the little girl that was later on in the movie rapped. An establishing shot introduces us to the main character; the shot shows the main character and his child which suggests that he has a normal family life. The first scene is of the attack, which took place in an ordinary situation. There is only diegetic sound until the attach where sound is added to set the speed of the attacks. The attacker whispers to the character ”you can’t fight fate” while attacking him. This makes the audience wonder if the character deserved this or he turns out to be the antagonist.

This is effective as it sets off the mystery of the film and leaves the audience hanging on. There’s a close up shot of a bat that hits the character on the face and the music automatically changes and becomes more violent, there’s a slit change in paste and the theme becomes more faster…there’s a close up shot of the bad guy tying up the characters hands while suggests that he is powerless. There’s a close up shot of a bad guys face smiling and holding a knife close to the main characters face which suggests that the bad guy is in control.

A close of shot of the main character is being stabbed is show which suggest that he’s lost the fight and makes the audience see him as a weak person. The music becomes more violent as the knife is being pulled out of from his body and a fade out show the characters point of view to show that he is becoming unconscious while we are shown a close up shot of his wife at terror. There’s a focus pull shot of the main character on the floor crying while we see the shadow of his daughter in the background which shows that she is far away and out of he’s reach.

There’s a shot of one of the bad guy looking worried and sympathetic for the family which is unusual for a thriller. A low angle shot of the other bad guy is shown which tells that he is more powerful and it cuts to a black screen. When this black screen appears we only hear the sound of police sirens in the back leaving up in shock and wanting us to find out what is going to happen to the little girl. The dark music then gets much louder as the film title “Law Abiding Citizen” pops up in the same bold capital font as it did at the start.

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