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Laundry Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Henkel: building a winning culture

Introduction: CEO in 2008: Kasper Rorsted, Studied Economics and has experience in technological companies. Management style was based on face-to-face conversations and pushing for more efficiency. Henkel until 2008 Founded in 1876 as a producer of detergent, by 1920 it was a leading German detergent en glue producer. After WWII: company restarted as a producer of detergent, glues and personal care products. In 2008: 14 billion euros sales over 125 countries: EMEA: 64% North America: 19% Asia-Pacific: 11% Latin America: 6% Executive team mainly Germans and members of the Henkel Family 3 major business units: Adhesive Technologies (48%) Laundry and Home care (30%) Cosmetics/Toiletries (22%) Competition: P&G, Unilever and L’Oreal (See exhibit 1,2,3) 2012 Goals; 14% EBIT Margin 2008: 14…

Favourite Brand Paper

The brand that I identify with is tide laundry detergent. I love tide laundry detergent because there are 5 people in my house and a lot of laundry being done with Tide I am able to use less detergent for a large amount of cloths. It keeps the colors of the cloths bright and even if you have been using cheap detergent when cloths are washed with tide the colors bright. Tide also gets hard to remove stains out of cloths without having to pretreat the sting and soak cloths for a long period of times. I can also save money by using Tide because when using a less effective brand I have to pour more than the required amount…