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Latino Culture Essay

Latino culture has many different traditions that contribute to literature by Hispanic writers but the importance of family is one of the most important to Latinos. Many of these other traditions include religion and gender roles. Family life also can affect the way children can develop and how they do in school. And all of this contributes significantly in Hispanic literature. Familismo is the term used by Latin Americans for the close connection that is maintained within the family.

They believe family should come first before all individual needs. This can be a good and bad thing. It is obviously good because there is a special bond made within the family that is very hard to break. It could be bad though because your family may be holding you back from your full potential and by giving up your individual goals. In the Latino Family, men and women have dignified roles that differ from different ethnicities.

Machismo is a term used for Latino men and it refers to a man’s responsibility to protect, serve, and defend his family. Men are the leader in the Latino household and whatever he says goes. Marianismo is the term used for Latina women. They are encouraged to strive to be like Virgin Mary and try to be “spiritually strong, morally superior, nurturing, and self-sacrificing”. The family to Latino Americans is an essential piece of their culture that they would do anything for.

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