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Lath Essay Topics & Paper Examples

On-Site & Ready-Mix Plaster Comparison

Ready-Mix Spray Plasters – Comparisons & FAQ Ready-Mix Spray Plasters are a rapid, cost-effective alternative to traditional (manually mixed & manually applied) plaster for finishing external & internals walls and ceilings. They are formulated for machine application on fast-track & quality building projects. They are supplied as “dry pre-mixed” to the correct consistency for spray application by Plaster Machines. Ready-Mix Spray plastering has been used in Europe, UK, Far-East for many years and is quickly becoming a widespread alternative to traditional plastering due to both it’s economic benefits and rapid speed of application. What are the Major Differences between: Cement-based: They are used mainly for outdoors, generally for rendering. Cement based plasters can be used indoors for areas that are…