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Latest Earth Theories Essay

Plate tectonics rend to describe the huge scale motions of the earth’s lithosphere. The theory actually encompasses old concepts of the continental drift developed in the twentieth century and seafloor distribution hence it was clearly understood from the year 1960. The modern theory states that the lithospheric plate movement means the continental drift and it is caused by the radioactive mantle that normally produces heat and the elements within the core.

Consequently, the heat creates the conversion currents within the mantle that tend to drive the plates all along their path of the movement. Hence, when plates crash, denser plates submerge underneath lighter, less dense crustal plates along subduction zones. As much as very heavy plates move downward they really melt and the molten rock objects makes its way towards the surface and finally its extruded direct to the surface as lava. A little number of plates slide past one another and eventually they cause earthquakes (Anderson 2007).

The present information on the structure of the earths interior comes right from the studies of the paths together with the characteristics of the earthquake waves that do travel all through the earth. It as well comes right from the laboratory experiments on the surface minerals as well as rocks at high pressure and the temperature. People have problems in explaining the features of plate tectonics since the pictures that are in the textbooks are very much removed from the reality.

Tectonic plates are the real plates which make up the less-than-firm of the earth’s crust. These particular plates soar on the volcanic emission layer of the molten rock under them. As they shift while rubbing together, the vibrations are the earthquakes. While the volcanic emission pushes up among the plates it creates a volcano. References Anderson, D. (2007). Latest Earth Theories. Cambridge: Cambridge Publishers.

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