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Larceny Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Investigating Robbery, Burglary and Larceny

Investigating a case of robbery requires employing all the important elements involved in criminal investigation beginning with crime scene processing, interviewing both victims and witnesses, possible method analysis of perpetrating crime, and checking records. The incident of the robbery occurs so quickly, most of the victims are either in a state of shock or surprise. Hence, victims’ statement should be properly analyzed and investigators should be careful about possibilities of wrong estimation of things by perpetrator’s age, height, and weight by the victim. The important aspect of initial investigation is to have careful retrieval of information present in victim’s subconscious mind. Investigation in burglary begins with the crime scene and it begins with entry and exit. The possibilities of getting fingerprint…

Characterisation in the Castaway

Tagore’s The Castaway basically pivots around Kiran, Sharat’s wife, and Nilkanta, the shipwrecked orphan who formerly was a young actor too. Although Satish, Sharat’s younger brother, entered into the scenario later it was he who brought the twist in the course of the story. Despite the number of main characters in the story being four, they were sharp in contrast. The attitude and demeanour of both Sharat and Satish were quite harsh towards Nilkanta who, on the other hand, was pampered by Kiran. Kiran was the cynosure of all eyes of her family members. She was a jovial, amiable, caring and sensitive lady. The loneliness of the riverside villa at Chandernagore where she had come to recover from an illness…