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Language and Communication Essay

Communication has no specific description but main essence of it revolves around conveyance, exchanging, giving or sharing of ideas & information. Communication can be both verbal and nonverbal. Communication takes place all around us in school, colleges, homes, markets and most importantly businesses. Businesses use communication in Public Relations (PR) to maintain image of company toward public, organizations, and programs and to gather employees, customers, investors or even general public. For effective communication, message should be clearly conveyed and interpreted by both parties.

Our communication, perception and interaction can greatly be effected by noise, which is a barrier in communication. Literal meaning of noise is not what is meant here. Noise can be anything that effect communication in one way or another. 3. Some people are better at communication for several of reasons. They convey their message easily because they are extremely good listeners and to be a good communicator first key is effective listening. They are patient listeners and try to read between the lines of the communication. This makes their grip on the subject matter very sound.

This in turns helps them to communicate effectively. Along with effective listening, they have good presentation skills and have ability to make sure that each word is understood by the audience. They have clear vision of the message to be conveyed and are well prepared for it. Simplicity in conveyance also makes them better communicators. All of this comes down to effective listening for effective communication. 4. Yes, I somewhat agree to this. The advancement in IT and other technological advancements in internet usage have proved beneficial for companies to advertise on internet.

This trend is increasing rapidly and with the creation of facebook, skype, twitter, other social networking sites and many other web platforms has made companies go for internet advertising more. People of almost all age groups have now easy access and availability of internet. So this mode of communication is becoming more important for organizations and will continue in future. But nevertheless, newspaper has always been more accessible and easy to carry source of information. Newspaper will lose some of its significance but this mode of advertising can not be ignored by organizations.

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