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Land Rover Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Land Rover North America Case Analysis

3. Product Differentiation: What is the typical SUV consumer? An SUV consumer is typically a male between the ages of 35-49. He is likely married but does not have children yet. His has probably completed part of college, or is a college graduate. He typically has an occupation other than being self-employed or a professional/managerial job. The household income of an SUV consumer is just below $50,000 a year up to $74,999 a year. Their most important reason for selecting an SUV is its four-wheel drive capability. They mostly use their SUV for running daily errands and transportation to/from work. They also use their SUV for pleasure driving. Research showed that SUV consumers in the 1990s wanted both real and…

´╗┐Land Rover North America

Charles Hughes, president and CEO of Land Rover North America (LRNA) plans to expand Land Rover market in North America. Based on the increasing U.S. SUV market, research exhibit suggests consumers seek vehicles that can provide them “rugged driving experience” while being practical, safe, reliable and luxurious. With the success of the Discovery in the U.K. and near doubling the Land Rover brand worldwide, LNRA is seeking to become the “world’s premium 4×4 specialty company” through effective branding, product and retail strategies. The success of this campaign depends on making the correct positioning, marketing mix and retail strategy. LRNA can position the Discovery among the below segments: a. The Definitive Family 4X4 theme b. The Evolved Land Rover theme c….