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Lamarre Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Cirque du soleil

1. Based on what you read in the case, outline a rudimentary SWOT analysis for Cirque Du Soleil. A: Strengths: Every show in 20 years has produced a profit, encourages creativity, niche, financially strong, well known, great marketing, technology, database of 20,000 potential employees, shows have a long run (10 to 12 years), talent scouts recruit from all over the world, creative, leadership. Creative production staff. Great locations. Excellent leadership. B: Weaknesses: High turnover (people get older, can no longer perform), High production costs equals high ticket prices C: Opportunities: New World tours and new permanent facilities in prime locations, D: Threats: Competition, someone could create a show very similar. Partners may want to buy out. 2. Explain how Cirque…