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Lake Effect Snow Essay

On Thursday October 12th 2006, unexpected weather was experienced in Buffalo New York. Snow storm engulfed the city at the rate of three inch per hour, something that was least expected in the month of October. The unexpected weather had far reaching effects on the infrastructures, the beautiful scenery of Buffalo and the community in general. Homesteads, hundreds of thousand of them, lost power for up to a week while 90 percent of the trees were heavily damaged. The snow storm claimed up to thirteen deaths through resultant accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning as people tried to keep themselves warm.

The extent of devastation was traumatic and amazing. It was painful to watch the beautiful city loss its pride to the natural phenomenon which justified a state of emergency. The most devastating thing about the snowstorm is that the meteorologists including Niziol’s team did not accurately predict the weather and give warning to the public. It is important to note that Buffalo is accustomed to up to 94 inches of snow as a result of the lake’s effect snow. However, this snowstorm was not expected by the weather man. The lake’s effect snow experienced in Buffalo is due to its location relative to the Lake Erie.

But the city does not receive snow storm in October because of the high temperatures in the lake. Moreover, for more than a century, the area had never received such storms in October with the most severe one happening a century ago but reached a maximum of six inches. The adverse weather gave no warning nor did the relevant department predict accurately the magnitude of the snowfall which resulted into the community being taken by surprise. Reference Freedman, A. (2007). “Anatomy of a forecast: ‘Arborgeddon’ takes Buffalo by surprise,” Weatherwise, July/August, 2007, pp 16-23

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