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Laguna Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Rizal’s Continuing Dialogue

The article shares the ideas and opinions in dialogues that usually represent conflicting views about Dr. Jose Rizal. Even though he is our national hero we still feel in need of a continuing dialogue on his ideas, principles and convictions. We know him as a profound thinker and a great doer who love our country and had remarkable patriotism. For that he was called the “First Filipino.” But there are still a lot of queries that still need an answer like what made Rizal a hero? The author of this article discuss that his thoughts and actions reveal that he was a captive of his own background. According to the study psychologist tell us that character takes a solid form…

The Effect of Human Activities to Lake Ecosystem

On the first exercise of the Environmental Biology class, the students have learned what an ecosystem is and what its significance to the survival of the living and non-living are through analysis of forest and agro-ecosystems. The ecosystem as the basic unit for ecological study (Evans, 1956) consists of the complex of interacting organisms inhabiting a region with all the non-living physical factors that make up their environment (Likens, 1992). It is essential, not just for the ecologist, to study the structural and functioning relationships of ecosystem components to be able to predict how the system will respond to natural change and human disturbance. Thus, this exercise uses another type of ecosystem as a channel of understanding the interface of…

The Chosen One

Choosing the right university is one of the most important aspects that an incoming college student should consider besides the choice of course to pursue. Many institutions emerged in Cavite because it is one of the most industrialized provinces in the country. Some of well-known universities established here are: De La Salle University in Dasmariñas, Cavite State University Main-Campus in Indang (other campuses are located around the whole province), Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Maragondon, Far Eastern University in Silang, Lyceum of the Philippines University in General Trias, and many more. There are lots of eligible institutions to choose from but why did we choose Lyceum of the Philippines University? One of the reasons why we choose LPU is…