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Heaney’s Poetry

I have recently studied some of your poetry for my leaving certificate english course and I feel greatly changed by what I read. To say the least, it made a strong impression on me. It was a memorable experience. I looked into five of your poems with great depth and they were; “A Constable Calls”, “The Forge”, “The Underground”, “The Tollund Man”, and of course “The Skunk”. These poems inspired a range of emotions in me that I would never have expected to feel while reading poetry. In the poem “A Constable Calls” I feel that the predominant mood is one of tension and hostility. In my opinion it is an explanation of the relationship dynamic between two traditions juxtaposed…

Introduction to ambahan

Ambahans inscribed on a bamboo slat The ambahan is a literary product and poetic expression of the Southern Mangyans of Mindoro, Philippines. Although there are about seven different ethnic groups living in Mindoro, collectively called the Mangyans, these groups are quite distinct from each other as to language, customs, and way of living. Only the ethnic group living in the south of Mindoro, roughly comprising the areas within the municipalities of Bulalacao (San Pedro), Mansalay, Oriental Mindoro and San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, claims the name Mangyan as the descriptive title of their tribe. To stress their point, they might add the epiteth: “Hanunuo” Mangyan, that is, a “truly, real, genuine” Manygan. Together with their northern neighbors, the Buhids, they possess…