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Kraft Foods Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Marketing Manager of Oreos

In this written assignment, I will be accepting the role of a marketing manager that will select a product (good or service) that’s sold in the United States and has sales opportunities in a foreign market. The product I have chosen is Oreo’s, are the world’s favorite cookie. Throughout this assignment, I will apply my critical thinking skills and the knowledge I have attained throughout this course to the product that I have chosen. The first steps in marketing are putting the right product out at the right price and the right time. All of us have grown up with Oreo cookies, we all have our disputes as to the way to eat them dunking them in milk or twisting…

PESTEL Analysis Kraft Foods Inc.

PESTEL ANALYSIS The PESTEL framework categorises environmental influences into six main types: political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. Thus PESTEL provides a comprehensive list of influences on the possible success or failure of particular strategies. (G. Johnson, R. Whittington, K. Scholes (2011): 50). Political Relating to the protection of the environment Kraft Foods Inc. is subject to various federal and state laws in the United States, taking into account that it has manufacturing facilities in approximately 70 countries and a presence in 170 countries worldwide. Another factor is that the UK government took a decision to increase value added tax up to 20% that its previous level of 17.5% in January 2011 this can negatively the profits made in…