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Knossos Palace And Mycenaean Citadel Essay

Knossos palace has a complex but interesting layout. Its confusing mazelike structure was built intended to elaborate both its religious and magical significance during the ancient Roman period. There were more than 1000 compartments scattered in the whole palace and each of which were designated for certain functional purposes. All those rooms of varying sizes are directly connected to the main hallways.

In the palace, there were one big theatre; several store rooms containing containers of grains, beans, dried fish and other basic necessities. Also the water system inside the palace is well-planned to adequately supply water in the whole five-story palace as well as its drainage. During the time, Knossos Palace was a one of a kind architectural design, which drew much attention from the dwellers. Mycenaean Citadel on the other hand is the evidence of a stronghold civilization because of its high walled structure made from huge stones.

These massive walls were designed for defensive purposes against any foreign invasion. The road leading to the gate of Mycenae meets the two sculpted lion figures above the entrance of the wall. It is called the Lion Gate. This was thought to be the symbol of the ruling family of Mycenae. There were several stages in the construction of the wall, initially front the palace area, extending to the gate then to the burial area or the grave circle.

Within the walls there were busy roads, residential houses and other buildings, however there water stairways from the spring were well-preserved over time to provide enough water supply for the Mycenaean people. There were also other houses outside the walls. In addition, there were beehive-shaped coffins scattered in the area. Works Cited MacKendrick, Paul, et. al. The Greek Stones Speak. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Incorporated. 1983.a

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