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Knight Essay Topics & Paper Examples

An Analysis of Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale

In what ways and to what extent is Chaucer’s Knight’s Tale appropriate to its teller, “a verray parfit, gentil knycht?Sophie KingChaucer’s Knight’s Tale is a story in which the courtly ideals of the chivalric knight are questioned. The narrator of the story, a knight himself, tells us about the noble Theseus and his rule over Athens. Theseus is appropriate to the description “a verray parfit gentil knycht” as much as the narrator himself but we come to question the perfection of both as the story progresses. Although based on classical Greek mythology Chaucer writes in medieval terms. There is still great debate today about the values of the medieval knight that so often appears in Chaucer’s work. Reading courtly poetry…

Observation Narrative

Days of Old When Knights Were Bold Growing up, I was never that girl that fantasized about becoming a princess and meeting that special prince that would sweep me off my feet and save me from all misery. Even sorcery books such as the Harry Potter series did not appeal to me. I did not believe in any of that quirky fantasy land stuff so the idea of being dragged to the Michigan Renaissance Festival with my family over Labor Day weekend did not appeal to me; I would have much rather been out having fun in the sun barbequing with friends just as any other American typically celebrates the holiday. Staring out the car window all I saw was…