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Kitchen Essay Topics & Paper Examples

In the Kitchen

The kitchen that is being discussed in the story means two different things. The first meaning is the part of the author’s house where the author’s mother prepare and cook their food, and where the whole family of the author spend most of their time together. The other meaning of the kitchen in this story is as the kinky hair at the back of a person’s head where the neck meets the shirt collar. The kitchen as part of the author’s house has been memorable to their family since this is where they spent most of their time together. It is in this room where they took their bath in their galvanized tub, where their mother washed their clothes, and…

Personal Narrative: Struggle for the American Dream

My Saturday NightWhen I grow up, I want to have a big, big house with stairs and lots of kinds, and a big, big room, and, and As a child, I believe that was my biggest dream and goal in life. To be, as the saying says, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen was what I wanted out of life. Living the perfect life—The American Dream. I remember Saturdays with my family. During the day, my mom and I would head out to the mall to go shopping, and make that one phone call home at about five in the afternoon. Calling in to check up on the plans for the night. Oh how I loved those Saturday nights. Usually,…

PepsiCo’s Restaurants

In the case study, PepsiCo is considering in Carts of Colorado and/or California Pizza Kitchen. Senior Management is faced with the question of whether the necessary capital investment in order to purchase one or both of the businesses can be profitable for each of the acquired businesses, but must also take into consideration that the additional business units will not hinder the profitability PepsiCo itself. Would investing in other companies be the best way to expand PepsiCo? This question is important because it could affect the success of the company. By investing in a company PepsiCo started from Pepsi-Cola and then moved into a more diversified business with mainly soft drinks, snack foods and restaurants. In early 1990s, PepsiCo’s restaurant…