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King Oedipus Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Oedipus and Determinism

One of the most famous Greek Tragedies ever told is the one of the fabled Greek King Oedipus of Thebes. The tale is a tragic one from the beginning to the end. Because of a prophecy, Oedipus was doomed by a curse from the time he was a small infant and it reached out into the generation that followed him and destroyed the lives of his children. The audience is tense because of the dramatic irony involved in the plot. There purpose of the story told by Sophocles was to tell a tale of determinism. The story shows clearly that there was nothing Oedipus could do to change the course of his life. When Oedipus was an infant a prophet…

The Justice and Redemption of King Oedipus

Sophocles, over the period of a lifetime, wrote many plays, of them, his Oedipus mythology is perhaps the most interpreted due to its continuing story line and archetypal plot lines. The plays themselves, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone, were written years apart which shows the very profound immersion that Sophocles had in the Oedipus story and dramatic themes involving the redemption of sin from patricide and incest—a story which he demonstrates over the arch of the three Theban plays. With that said, a close look will be taken into the Oedipus arch throughout the three plays, with an emphasis on the character of Oedipus, to analyze how the fallen king finds redemption from his sins. To begin…