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Key Roles and Responsibilities Essay


Management have a key role and a large responsibility of ensuring health and safety is followed in their pub. Managers need to ensure that all of the correct measures are in place so as to keep all legislations in order. If managers did not have any responsibility in the workplace then all employees would therefore not follow any legislations and many staff and customers could potentially be injured. Managers have to ensure that all employees regularly read SOP’s and complete all online courses regarding new legislation as well as refresher courses regarding health and safety at work.

Human Resources Manager:

Human resources have the main role within Wetherspoons regarding the responsibility of health and safety of the entire workplace. Without Human resources the company would not have any of the SOP’s (Safety Operating Procedures) or COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) manuals. If human resources did not do this Wetherspoons would be operating against many laws and therefore be shut down.

Bar Associates:

Bar associates have a minor responsibility in health and safety at work but a large role for maintaining health and safety in the workplace. If staff members did not carry out frequent bar, floor and toilet checks then both employees and customers will be at risk of a potential risk. This could be slipping on a spilt drink or the toilets being unhygienic. Staff need to constantly make the bar, floor and toilet as clean and safe as possible. This includes wiping spillages on the bar, collecting glasses and plates and sweeping and moping.

Kitchen Staff:

Kitchen staff have a very high responsibility and role within the company regarding health and safety, as they are handling food. Kitchen staff have to ensure that their hands are constantly being washed, the kitchen is clean and food is in date. If kitchen staff did not have a responsibility within health and safety then customers could potentially be food poisoned, as well.

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