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Kerala Essay

Kerala, the ‘God’s Own Country’, lies in the extreme Southern part of India. It has an area of 38863 sq. km and a population of 3. 18 crores. Kochi, or more familiarly, Cochin is a city of many parts. Around for a long, long time, Kochi played a pivotal role in the development of shipping and trade in the region. Kochi’s prime location on the west coast, its fine bay and protected harbor made it popular with seafarers and merchant ships who made frequent stops to stock up on spices, coffee and wood enroute to the rich markets of Europe and West Asia.

And so down the ages, Kochi prospered as a busy port city and commercial centre. Its seafront is still extremely relevant to Cochin and to India: it houses a Naval Base and one of India’s busiest ports. It’s twin city, Ernakulam, is an important railhead and industrial centre. Kerala – God’s own Country tagline has been used because of its location, landscaping and its surroundings.

It is the amalgamation of lush and tropical Malabar Coast on the west along with verdant backwaters in the centre ranging from Cochin to Kollam and Nilgiri mountain range covered with tea plantations in the east. Kerala… The God’s own country Kerala, meaning “land of coconut trees”, is one of the relatively well kept secrets of all the exotic destinations in the world. However, Kerala’s popularity has increased over recent years. National Geographic” travel magazine lists Kerala among the fifty must see locations in the world. Not surpirisingly, the State Tourism Department promotes Kerala’s natural beauty, breathtaking lush landscape and tropical beaches as “God’s own country”. The result has been a signifiant influx of tourists and foreign visitors. The Sanskrit saying “athithi devo bhava”( treat your guest like God, with respect and honour) is ingrained in the collective ethos of the people of Kerala.

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