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Kenzo: SWOT Aanalysis Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Kenzo: SWOT Aanalysis

1. Kenzo is considered as a high-end brand because most interviewers who were interviewed by Michael Korchia, responded its image as a high-priced ready-to-wear brand. In other words, Kenzo has been doing well in advertising their brand and its image. In addition to that, “We do not simply sell products, we sell a brand concept” is a motto for Kenzo 2. To be specific about their advertisement strategy, they currently tried to accelerate the concentration on the core business by building an autonomous identity for their brand. 3. French-based with Japanese cultural makes the brand interesting and allowing customers to trust its quality and sensitive design. Weaknesses: 1. Patterns and silhouettes of clothes may seem too young for women who…

Kenzo: SWOT Aanalysis definition

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