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Karnataka Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Higher education

A committee to look into the functioning of Bangalore University has suggested splitting university into five different universities, Bangalore South, North, East, West and Central. The expert committee consisting of Manipal Global Education Chairman T V Mohandas Pai, former vice-chancellors Dr N Rudraiah, Prof N R Shetty, educationists R Natarajan, KRS Murthy, K Narahari and the principal of University Visveswaraya College of Engineering (UVCE), Dr K R Venugopal, who is also the special officer has submitted its report to the Karnataka government. Reportedly, the report makes three major recommendations — to split Bangalore University into five, to upgrade UVCE as a centre of excellence on par with Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) and Bangalore University to focus only on research…

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya born on 15th September 1860 in Muddenahalli, Chikkaballapura District, Karnataka. Sir M Visvesvaraya father is Srinivasa Sastry and mother Venkachamma. Sir M Visvesvaraya is an eminent Indian engineer and statesman. Today 15th September we observer Sir M Visvesvaraya birthday as Engineers Day in India. Sir M Visvesvaraya was a civil engineer. Visvesvaraya Joined PWD department of Bombay (now its known as Maharashtra state). Visvesvaraya was a genius, he invented Block System the automatic doors which he devised to stop wasteful overflow of water. Sir Visvesvaraya builted many dams in Maharashtra state. He was designed and patented a system of automatic weir water floodgates which were first installed in 1903 at the Khadakvasla reservoir, Pune. He worked as…