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Justification for funding researches on Biotechnology and genetic engineering Essay

Biotechnology and genetic engineering are technologies that employ biological materials to generate or construct enhanced products. The technologies are extensively used in the field of agriculture for the generation of new plant hybrids which present commercially important traits such as size and sweetness and remove the commercially risky features including drought- and insecticide-resistance. In the field of biomedicine, microbial species are modified through genetic engineering and used as basis for the design and creation of new vaccines which will help the public from acquiring specific infectious diseases.

It is of my opinion that these sciences be funded for purposes of food enhancements and vaccine improvements because these provide us with new methods of using modified versions of the basic biological materials. The modification of particular plant species may be helpful to us in terms of food and our daily consumption, and maintaining good health in the society. For example, rice may be genetically modified to grow to maturity in half the time the wild rice grows.

This means that we will always have ample supply of rice because we do not have to wait for such a very long time. In term of vaccines, it is important the biotechnology and genetic engineering improve vaccines because the bacterial and viral pathogens that cause diseases are also constantly evolving. Viruses are continuously changing the proteins on their cell membrane so that the cells of their host will not recognize and destroy them based on the host’s current immunity.

If we do not improve our vaccines, we will not be able to control emerging infections around the world, and this may result in multiple global outbreaks. Hence, it is important that these technological innovations be used to their maximum potential. References Patel R, Torres RJ and Rosset P (2005): Genetic engineering in agriculture and corporate engineering in public debate: Risk, public relations, and public debate over genetically modified crops. Int. J. Occup. Environ. Health 11:428-436.

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