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Justification Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Feasibility and Economic Justification

The construction of a new distribution facility for liquid chemicals near New York City would require a feasibility study. The feasibility study is conducted as a “phase [which] considers the technical aspects of the conceptual alternatives and provides a firmer basis on which to decide whether to undertake the project” (Kerzner, 2009, p. 419). Thus, it can be seen that conducting a feasibility for the purpose of constructing a new distribution facility would show the relevant information that enables the management to make the necessary actions and likewise serves as the means through which the effectiveness and efficiency of this can be seen in order for decisions to be made on whether it is going to be implemented or not….

business culture and strategy outcome 2 answer points

BCS outcome 2 points Q1 Indicate that candidates know what organizational culture is (although an explicit definition such as “the way we do things around here “is not required) Make it clear that candidates know what shared values and taken for granted assumptions 默认的 are (shared values are the norms of behavior which run throughout the company – they can been seen as high profile symbols and may be deliberately fostered by senior management; taken-for-granted assumptions are more informal and develop over time often in the form of low profile symbols such as rites, rituals, stories, physical symbols, common language, etc). Definitions are not required as long as answers, through examples and their justification, make it clear that candidates are…