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Justice system Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Juvenile Justice System of the Future

The juvenile system is a system of establishing justice among the offenders who are under 18 years of age (Cole & Smith, 2006). It normally aims at rehabilitating these young offenders and protecting them from the punishment that would otherwise be inferred to them by the adult courts. The adolescents who normally find themselves in situations like these that need rehabilitation are referred to as delinquents. They were given such consideration because it was considered that they might need psychological assistance, as they might not be fully aware of the offences they are committing. In the United States, we find that each state has its set of laws that govern the juvenile system. Some of the major weaknesses in the…

Justifying the punishment of men

Going through the absolutely captivating reading, Justifying the punishment of men, one gets an interesting insight into the justice system of the United States of America. This is especially as it relates to men’s sentencing and gender differences. It becomes easy to assume that there is a wide difference between the way justice is handed out between gender and in the larger picture, between the various classes of society. Using empirical data, this research examines several court situations and rulings evincing patterns and theories in the dispensing of justice. More men come to court with some form of agreed recommendations or caps on their sentences than their female counterparts. And as such one witnesses in court a situation where the…

Social justice in a criminal justice organization

Two types of justice systems, criminal as well as social justice system, govern our society. Social justice system is for ensuring social justice to a person, where as criminal laws are for ensuring criminal justice or for punishing those who are violating these laws. But there would be circumstances in life when a criminal offense would be justified under social justice. The present paper is intended to analyze the importance as well as level to which social justice is implemented in a criminal organization. While implementing social justice in criminal justice organization it is necessary to differentiate social justice from criminal justice. The social justice system is for dealing with the people or group of people who are in need….