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Junk food Essay

Whether adult or child, junk food is bad for everyone. Teenagers and young children easily tend to develop the habit of gorging over junk food, which may well escort bad health consequences for them. It massively ruins their health and therefore, it is very important for parents and adults to keep a tight check on the diet and eating habits of their young guns. It is the only way of ensuring they eat a balanced diet which is nutritious and healthy enough to offer them sufficient amount of energy. Junk food not only makes you addict to a non-healthy diet pattern but also brings a plethora of diseases for you. Effects of junk food on health

Obesity: When people eat more and more junk food, they become prone to overweight. The oils used for frying junk food make you fat and fatter. In the same fashion, fats and processed flour used in junk food tends to make you bulky. Besides, junk food forces you to toss down sodas and colas. These drinks are full of sugar and thus, they increase your tendency to put on weight.

Lethargy: When you eat processed food, your energy levels lower down and you feel more lethargic. Reason behind this process is that junk food contains high amount of carbohydrates that prickle your blood sugar levels. As soon as your sugar levels start fluctuating dramatically, you start feeling drowsy and tired. Soon you feel less active and alert, and your brain and body starts seeking sleep. In a nutshell, with dulling reflexes and senses, you are forced to an extensively inactive life.

Diseases: Other than obesity issues, junk food is also related to some of the most lethal diseases. It can result in diabetes and heart ailments. If you don’t exercise regularly and have a family history of diabetes, then junk food is likely to activate the peril of various crucial diseases at an early stage. Secondly, junk food releases some kind of fats that have a tendency of increasing your cholesterol levels. This way, your arteries get clogged up which might lead to heart attack. So, being overweight is a simple welcome note for various diseases.

Poor nutrition: Junk food snatches the nutrition proffered by your diet. When

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