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Judicial systems Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Justice Administration: Rehabilitation of the Judicial System

In any branch of government, judicial, executive, or legislative, there is always the problem of decisions being made not in representation of the needs of the people but of the demands of the elite. Money talks, and money is often the way decisions are made, without full regard for the best interests of the citizens being served. Especially in the United States, the desires of high level CEOs and business administrators often outrank the desires of the voting majority. In the judicial system, police officers and administrators, court judges and lawyers, and corrections officers and administrators are all subject to being susceptible to the influence of business interests rather than the interests of the people they are meant to serve….

Judicial activism

Judicial activism continues to attract a heated debate in many parts of the world. Judicial activism can in general terms be defined as judge legislating on the bench. Judicial activism is a situation where the presiding judge or jury issues a judgment on a case based on his or her political or personal thoughts. The judgment may also be based on pressures that emanate outside the constitution. Judicial activism therefore occurs when the court of law fails to abide by the provisions of the constitution in issuing judgment. There have been arguments in different parts of the world on different provisions that gives room for judicial activism. The basic argument has been due to the ability of judicial activism to…