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Journals Essay Topics & Paper Examples


Journal # 1 The essay entitled “Adult Crime, Adult Time” takes off from the case of the Jonesboro shooting to show that children who committed serious and violent crimes should be treated as adults, according to the perspective of Linda J. Collier, Delaware County Community College’s dean of public services and social sciences. According to Collier, the number of youth offenders who committed violent crimes have increased over the past years and calls for changes on the responses from the state, especially with the law-enforcing and judicial systems. At the level of the States, different rules are followed in determining whether an offender qualifies for juvenile or adult courts. The present efforts towards addressing the problem are contributory to a…

The Journals of Lewis and Clark

The book “The Journals of Lewis and Clark,” as edited by John Bakeless and written by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, chronicles the various events that Lewis and Clark experienced during the exploration of some Western territories. Lewis and Clark both wrote down notes through their journals about their various experiences during their journey. The first journal entry, dated May 13, 1804, was written by Clark upon his correspondence with Lewis to join the expedition to explore some territories in the West. Clark was able to contribute to the needed provisions for the exploration. The succeeding journal entries were both written by Lewis and Clark, which detailed daily weather conditions, problems or difficulties they have encountered through their transport in…