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Journal Entry-One Essay

The ideas surrounding stereotyping is not really new. We are all born into some culture where stereotyping occurs, whether we agree with it or not is an individual choice. Yet, the boundaries of stereotypes does change , in some way. Neighborhoods, consisting of streets and buildings, claiming those block addresses as their own, once labeled block addresses as a “bad” area or a “great place to raise kids”. New to this cycle of, what looks like, place identification, is area code of a city or town.

People have increasingly become partial to the claim, or requirement, to associate someone with the preconceived notion of belonging to an area, meaning neighborhood, city, town, or county. Such is the case with the area code, located in California, 562. This area code covers the orange county area of the state. Within this county is the city Anaheim. Anaheim has the reputation of being a bad area, yet, according to those that live there, the city is rich in culture, history, and prosperity.

The residence of this area identify themselves by the area codes associated with that city, giving them a sense of place, or belonging. Being this is my first online class, it would be interesting to learn if there are any stereotypes associated with this form of learning. What, exactly, would be the “place” in which any of the students would belong? Cyber, maybe? There could be an association to the IP address of someone’s personal computer or University computer lab.

These IP addresses could associate the student with a school or library that is known on a map or, like in California, an area code. Dial up Internet services would then fall into a, sort of wild reputation, because the IP address always changes. Stereotypes exist, and that’s just a sad part of life, but to identify a person by area code is an interesting new label that people will have to deal with. With the weeks ahead I guess that stereotype, if there is one, will show its true colors. Good luck too us.

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