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Jose Rizal Epic Poem Essay

A natural hero was born on 1861
His name was Jose Rizal
A gifted child who studied foreign languages
This great hero was the founder of La Liga Filipina.

During his lifetime there was a war
The Philippines was shattered to the ground..
Many uprisings were fought against the Spaniards!
All of it failed until the Noble Jose Rizal came.

His divine weapon was not a sword nor a gun
But a small pen. A pen so great it united the Filipinos.
His words inspired the hearts of all
It spread all over the country like a wild fire

The Spaniards heard it just like a wind whispering to them
They locked Jose Rizal in a dark tiny chamber in a basement
They tortured him.. Oh poor sir Jose Rizal..
Yet his hated grows and burns within his soul

The Filipinos planned to free him
They had worked so hard.. and it succeeded!
Jose sighed.. “What a beautiful sight”
But he said “ I’ll stay here to represent our nation”

Andres Bonifacio another great hero said.. “Are you sure Jose?”
And Jose replied “with all my heart yes I am..”
The Spaniards came with an army so great
They have to leave Jose Rizal to the hands of the Evil Spaniards

They confine him with a great heavy chains
Tormented his life for trying to escape
And one day the government ordered his death
His death day was on December 30, 1896

There he was standing alone under the heavy rain
Behind him a hundred gunman to shoot him dead.
The leader shouted Fire! and then a gun echoed in the area,
the Heroic Jose Rizal was shot in the back.. his eye sight blurred for the last time

He felt the pain starts to erupt up to his spine
he breathe for the very last time
He looked up into the misty sky
collapsing facing the gunman

There he was lying dead on the bloody ground
The Clouds weeps for his death
All the Filipinos who watched him get shot screamed No!
His death inflamed the hearts of the Filipinos

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