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Jordan Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, how is it making use of its past today

The modern state of Jordan was only established in 1921, when Britain, having received a mandate to govern in the Middle East, created a semi-autonomous region of Transjordan from Palestine. The area gained its full independence in 1946 and took on the name of Jordan in 1950, making it a relative newcomer on the world stage, the land has of course been there for millennia. The region has never been at the center of things but was always on the fringes rather than the centre of the various empires, but its strategic position as a trade crossroads meant that Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Turks and Crusaders have all traded, built citadels, temples and other religious buildings and…

´╗┐Recycling outline

60 percent of the 200 million tons of garbage that Arabs produce yearly could be recycled. It may seem easy just to throw whatever people have finished using in the trash, but our wasteful ways have negative effects on the environment. The solution to this problem is to recycle. It is the best way to protect natural resources and to reduce the costs of processing garbage and of cleaning up. The citizens of the Arab world should start thinking seriously regarding this matter. Reproducing some substances into new materials may help humanity find fruitful solutions to get rid of pollution, thus, scientists work prominently avoiding more damages on nature resources. Body 1. (Reason 1: emotional appeal) Topic sentence: By recycling,…

Individual assignment

Comment on the merit of the paper which is arguing for a separate HRM model for Oman? It is essential to have a unique HRM model specialized for Oman due to few important reasons. The first reason is the cultural influence and there is relationship between the HRM and the social principles, values, ethics and rules. Second, the cultural aspects must be respected when considering about HR philosophy. Nonetheless, the economic conditions are greatly important as there is a strong link between the economic conditions and the HR policy. At the end, I can briefly say that there must be a special and unique HRM model for Oman due to the special conditions that made this country a different case….