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Johnson Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Domestic Polices of Johnson and Eisenhower

The decades of 1950s and early 60s were periods of unprecedented affluence, prosperity and economic growth for USA, at scales that is difficult to match by any other country in human history. Years of persistent industrial growth, technological advances, and a full-time developed economy during the Second World War set the platform for USA to experience continued improvements in its industrial outputs, living standards, individual income, business and commercial profits, and infrastructural and capital growth. With its GDP and GNP repeatedly touching new record heights, USA had undisputedly become world’s richest behemoth. However, amidst this spectacular mantle of prosperity, there remained large patches of poverty, racial discriminations, unemployment and inequality that did not conform to high level of affluence generally…

Strategic Thinking

The Vietnam War was a battle that seems to have taught the American Military and Government officials a lot about cooperative working and strategic planning. Each American involved most likely has a different story to tell about the War from the ground soldiers all the way up to President Johnson. However, each participated in a mission driven cooperative work environment with many different thinking styles. These styles included strategic thinkers, tactical planners, and logisticians to name a few. Each thinking style plays a critical role in the development and progression in an organization like the armed forces in the Vietnam War. I would describe myself as a strategic thinker. “Strategic thinking focuses on finding and developing unique opportunities to create…