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Johnny Depp Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands

Johnny Depp, also known as Edward Scissorhands is the main focus of this movie. Edward being an invention “monster” as some might say, but he also has a kind heart for others. After the inventor “Father” of Edward died he stayed inclosed in the house, leaving him unfinished him having scissors for hands, he had become socially disconnected. Looking into Edward’s eyes you can tell he’s lost soul being in trapped in a unwanted body. Deserted in this House he calls home all alone until one day, Peg, a woman who sells avon, barges in and takes him with her. Edward gentle but frightened doesn’t know what the world had in store for him. Being alone for as long as…

“Edward Scissorhands” by Tim Burton

What type of and what journeys are undertaken in the film Edward Scissor hands by Tim Burton? The movie takes place in an entirely artificial world, where a Gothic castle crouches on a mountain top high above a story book suburb with a goofy neighbourhood where all of the houses are shades of pastels and all of the inhabitants seem to be emotional clones of the jetsons. Edward’s Journey The main character, Edward goes on a major journey. From the beginning of the film we see scenes depicting how it feels if you are different and are amongst people who fit neatly into societies accepted roles. Edward is looking for love and understanding, which is something that you long for….

The Man Who Lived Underground

As the story begins, a unnamed man is hiding from the police. He is tired of running and has decided that he must either find a hiding place or surrender. At that moment he sees a manhole cover in the street. He lifts the cover; the water below is deep and fast. His fear of the police is stronger than his fear of the water and the darkness, so he enters and is nearly swept away and killed by the water before he finds his footing. As he explores the tunnels, he knows that he is in danger, but an “irrational impulse” prevents him from leaving. Instead he moves forward, looking for a dry hiding place or a safe way…