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John Cinque Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Jorge Eduardo Urrutia Schnyder

John Cinque was a son to a headman from Sierra Leone‚Äôs Mani Village known as Mende who was a renowned trader and rice. Available records show that Cinque was born in (c1813- 1879). Cinque is also known as Sengbe Pieh. and is popular for staging a mutiny against slavery in Cuba in 1839 in a Cuban Amistad Ship. Originally he was called Sengbe Pieh. but Spaniards renamed him as John Cinque. His move was a milestone to the slaves who were escaping from slavery as it was ruled that slaves freeing from shackles of slavery be treated as free men. Cinque like other blacks found his way into slavery due to rice debts he had not cleared and for that…