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John Adams Essay Topics & Paper Examples

John Adams and His Roles as President

John Adams was one of the leaders in the fight for American Independence. He was born on October 30, 1735. His presidency began in 1976 through 1800 and was the second president of the United States, after winning the election against Alexander Hamilton. Upon winning the election he became the Chief of State. His most notable accomplishment, as President, was to avoid a war with France, while maintaining American honor. In our opinion he did a good job of this however he was not greatly supported by the Americans at the time. John Adams was not a very popular president of his time. Being the president, and Chief Executive, Adams was allowed to choose his own cabinet. He replaced Washington’s…

DBQ declaration of independence

In the mist of 1776-1877, did the United States carry out all the goals that were stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? The Declaration of Independence and Constitution had many different goals and ideas in mind for the United States at the time. The United States partially realized the some of the values stated in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, but also did accomplish some the goals mentioned in the documents. The principles in the Declaration of Independence were applied to some, and the major goals in the Constitution were not wholly realized. Some of the goals that were partially realized were equality and women’s rights, some might say that these goals were or weren’t realized…