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Job Application Letter & Resume Essay

I was introduced to your company by Mr. Brad Earls, one of your lead technicians. He has enlightened me that one of your Dallas offices is pursuing to hire qualified persons for your technical support department.

I have more than a year and a half experience in the technical support field, inclusive of being the senior technician at my workplace now, Argon Technologies. Although I have no college experience, I have received hands-on training from a Board Certified technician, who is also the owner of the company now. He felt that I was qualified enough to train, and after about six months, I was named the lead tech, over the other techs who worked here long before myself. Our company has tripled in size since my start date, however I am still the only in office tech. Please note that there have always been two or more before I was an employee here. Unfortunately, this being a small, family owned business, I am about as high up here as I will ever be. Having received extensive training from this junior company, I feel it has prepared me to expand my knowledge and move up to a more prospering one.

Candace N. Brooks

(your address)
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Objective: To obtain a position in which I am able to maximize my technical skills, quality assurance, program development, and training experience.

Professional Experience
Argon Technologies, August, 2007 to Present
Senior Technician
Resolved all customer issues over the phone or at their specific locations. Only technician in office for a growing ISP company with over 1,000 dial-up and wireless customers. Responsible for computer repair on the side at the same company. Repaired VoIP phones, routers, PC’s and other equipment. Handled all customer complaints in a professional manner. Mended issues with other companies doing business with ours.

Trained in technical support, exceptional customer service, quality leadership skills, accel with individual or teamwork, type up to 60 wpm, knowledgeable with most Microsoft programs (word, excel, powerpoint, access, ect.) and Adobe photoshop, reader, and acrobat. Trained in data entry, scheduling, billing, ect. (entry level office work). Can prioritize workload and work in a fast-paced environment. Excellent written and verbal communication skills (detail oriented).

University of Phoenix Online – Healthcare Administration
Bland High School
Merit, Texas

2006 – 2008
Greenville, Texas

Essay Topics:

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