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Jim Morrison Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Short Story ‘Visitors’ by Brian Moon

The short story, Visitors, by Brian Moon, explores the moral issues associated with the legalisation of robbery. Many elements, known as narrative conventions, are intentionally inscribed into the text and these help the reader to ascertain the nature of the texts themes. Style, characterisation and point of view are critical blocks with which the texts theme is constructed. The text makes effective application of third person, from the omniscient point of view of Mrs Morrison. The use of this technique gives us an insight into Mrs Morrisons feelings and emotions – and reveals that however commonplace and normal the events may seem, they are still a cause of unrest and discomfort. As the unidentified van pulls into Mrs Morrisons home,…

Jim Morrison by Kelly Larson

Jim Morrison by Kelly Larson 1943-1971 There are many figures in music that make them a household name, Jim Douglas Morrison, the lead singer of The Doors a popular rock group in the late 60’s who died at a very young age, has made him just this. Jim Morrison was in the only extremely progressive rock bands of that time, experimenting with synthesizers, and new ways to play the otherwise boring guitar; this band the doors was truly something else. Many people thought that Jim was a genius others thought he was a fool. He had very public arrest and court trail about exposing himself to a crowd in 1969 raised increasing questions about his actual death in 1971. Jim…