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Jeremiah Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Message of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah

In 1940 AD, Israel broke into two distinct kingdoms; Judah (which is the southern) and Israel (which is the northern). Rehoboam and Jeroboam ruled them respectively. (1st Kings 12) Different kings reined these kingdoms in which majority transgressed against God’s commandments. As a result, their subjects followed suit and the Lord God was unhappy. This paper examines the two kingdoms and prophesies of both Isaiah and Jeremiah in four distinct levels; in the first level, the different kinds of sins that were committed by Judah and Israel during that time have been examined. (http://www. springerlink. com/content/hxp529725312m473/ ; http://blogsabbathschool. blogspot. com/2008/07/god-promises-to-restore-israel-after. html) The second level indicates the God’s anger because of the sinful nature of the two kingdoms. In the third…