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Jefferson Davis’s accomplishments Essay

Look, it’s Jefferson Davis! Not really, but now that I have your attention I will fill you in on the latest info. on Jefferson Davis. He was famous in history throughout the Civil War times, often working in partner with Abe Lincoln. A famous biographer and writer, Jefferson Davis had many accomplishments acknowledged in history.

Davis was president of the Confederate States of America. He served in the House of Representatives and the senate, was a Mexican war hero, and was Franklin Pierce’s secretary of war. He became a symbol of the Lost Cause after the Civil War. He became a spokesman for the south, and was called a “cotton nabob”, which was a southern term for the newly rich. Davis was a compromise candidate who was chosen in secrecy. He had self command, gained by the discipline of a soldier, which fitted him to command others.

Jefferson Davis was sometimes referred to as a Southern cheif, being born in Kentucky. He remained a plain man of the people, obeying the social law of his section; something of an aristocrat. Developing an aristocrat was a prime advantage of a republic. He was of Welsh descent and Pennsylvania antecedents, coming from “poor but honest”parents. His father, Samuel Davis, was a small farmer in Kentucky. Jefferson Davis was named after the president, therefore his name originally being Thomas Jefferson, but he dropped the Thomas to give himself a more distinctive name. His theory was that men with ill-sounding names do not get very far in politics, which was what he wanted to go into.

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America and commander-in-chief of the army and navy, belongs to history, and his career is subject to full and fair treatment by just and intelligent men.

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