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Java Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Library Management System

Name of the Project Vision Online Library Online Library is a system, which maintains books in the server in any format. It allows storing books, documents, audio and video files. User can Search and open documents by giving a simple query. Online Library Management System is a system, which maintains books, documents, audio/video files. To use this system user must be a member in this. Then user allowed storing books, documents, A/V files. Then user can search by giving a simple query. It is very difficult search books manually. Online Library makes easy. Deliverables / Functional Specifications Online Library uses user internal feedback from user to improve search process in every searching. It also uses indexing to locate documents very…

Advanced Java

1 Advanced Java 2 Preface There are numerous good computer languages. There are relatively few languages with the momentum to make a real difference in software development. Java is one of those languages. The developers of Java had a chance to look at existing computer languages and address their deficiencies. Coming ten years after the introduction of C++, Java takes advantages of vast improvements in hardware and software technologies to address the issues raised by C++. Java allows inexperienced users to write high quality code. It incorporates user interface directly in the language. Java and Object-Oriented technology are a major paradigm shift. This course aims to introduce some advanced topics of java to enable the students to appreciate the power…