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Java Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Platform technology

Servlets are supported by the Java Sun platform technology of option for expanding and improving web servers and they provide a component-based, platform independent method for making web applications, without the confines of the performance of CGI programs. They are sustained in nearly all web servers. There are many popular servlets which are available in the market at the moment. JRun is a J2EE application server, initially made in 1997 as a Java Servlet engine by Live Software and later on bought by Allaire, who brought out the first J2EE compliant edition. It was obtained by Macromedia prior to its 2001 takeover of Allaire, and later by Adobe Systems when it bought Macromedia in 2005. Its latest patch Updater 7…

Library Management System

Name of the Project Vision Online Library Online Library is a system, which maintains books in the server in any format. It allows storing books, documents, audio and video files. User can Search and open documents by giving a simple query. Online Library Management System is a system, which maintains books, documents, audio/video files. To use this system user must be a member in this. Then user allowed storing books, documents, A/V files. Then user can search by giving a simple query. It is very difficult search books manually. Online Library makes easy. Deliverables / Functional Specifications Online Library uses user internal feedback from user to improve search process in every searching. It also uses indexing to locate documents very…

Advanced Java

1 Advanced Java 2 Preface There are numerous good computer languages. There are relatively few languages with the momentum to make a real difference in software development. Java is one of those languages. The developers of Java had a chance to look at existing computer languages and address their deficiencies. Coming ten years after the introduction of C++, Java takes advantages of vast improvements in hardware and software technologies to address the issues raised by C++. Java allows inexperienced users to write high quality code. It incorporates user interface directly in the language. Java and Object-Oriented technology are a major paradigm shift. This course aims to introduce some advanced topics of java to enable the students to appreciate the power…