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Jackson Legacy Essay

The spoils system, rewarded political party workers with government jobs to prevent corruption, negatively affected Jackson’s legacy. Even thought the spoils system was supposed to lower corruption, it did the exact opposite. The reason behind it was that Jackson gave jobs to illiterates, incompetents, and people that has no clue on what to do it office, instead of giving jobs to people who would actually benefit to the nation. These reasons show the negativity of Jackson’s legacy. The Nullification Crisis, created by South Carolina’s Ordinance of Nullification that stated that the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were null and void within the boundaries of South Carolina had a positive effect on Jackson’s legacy. It was a positive effect because it protected Americans.

Jackson was against Nullification because he was a supporter of the Union, so he took action against this by nullifying the nullification. He wasn’t a man to “stare down”, he prepared his military to assail the “Nullies,” the people in favor of nullification of the tariff. Finally, the compromise tariff of 1833 was approved. Jackson’s influential actions for the Crisis helped identify the powers of the central government more clearly; showing to the states that he would not suffer their tyranny.

Even though this was a positive effect for Jackson’s legacy, it could also be negative effect of tyranny. Nevertheless, Andrew Jackson’s legacy could either be analyzed as positive or negative effect. Some people could say that his legacy was a triumph, but on the other hand, people could also say that his legacy was a complete failure. The spoils system and the nullification crisis are some examples of how his legacy is acted on.

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