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Ivory Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Ivory in the Early to Late Middle Ages: Popularity and Value

Ivory, which is similar in appearance to a bone, comes from the teeth and tusks of elephants, pigs, hippos, mammoths etc. It has been used by man from the earliest times in history for cultural, religious and secular objects. According to Gardner, Kleiner and Mamiya, carved ivories were familiar sites in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where they were manufactured and coveted throughout the ancient world (241). Ivory has been popular as far back as the late antiquity and early medieval period chiefly because of its attractive color. It is smooth and has a translucent appearance which makes it very easy to curve and paint on. Various cultures in the early to late middle stages associated it with prestige and it…

Heart of Darkness Study Guide

Chapter 1 1. The setting of the story begins on the Nellie, a ship. The turn of the tide is significant because it gives the men on board extra time to talk, and Marlow begins telling his story. In addition, symbolically, the turning of the tide conveys a change, and perhaps, foreshadowing of the story. The author spends a lot of time dealing with light because it is the main symbol in the novella. Light and darkness are universal symbols that represent good and evil. Although not explicitly stated, those who have the light are those who are “civilized”, and those who have the darkness are those who remain “uncivilized”, particularly the people living in Africa. 2. Marlow appears different…